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Q: You have such amazing eyes! It's great for your cosplay!

Thank you! :)

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Q: You are gorgeous, wow.

Thank youuuuuu!

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Series: Sailor Moon / Movie: Frozen

Cosplay: Sailor Anna by Tinka Cosplay

Photography: By Kat W

"In the name of Arendelle I shall punish you!"

A member of my cosplay group Nostalchicks Group Cosplay, Tinka Cosplay, doesn’t have a tumblr so I am posting on her behalf! Tinka is in a group with girls who are full on obsessed with Sailor Moon and she is full on obsessed with Anna from Frozen. So she decided that so she had a cosplay to go to when we did the outer scouts she would be a combo - Sailor Anna! She even gave Sven a crescent moon mark and told everyone he was a Moon-deer. When anyone would ask she would say that she and Sven are auditioning to be a Sailor Scout!

For more photos her facebook is and for group shots/outer scouts here is our group page